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    Release Date: 10 Jul 2009

    Reel lives are often made after getting inspired from real life. Such is an example is this movie ‘Vaigai’, directed by debutant director L. R. Sundarapandi. It is a pure romantic flick that is based on a real life incident. As the title hints, the movie is named after the river that flows through Madurai and also the story is set in the locales of this Temple city.

    According to the director, “‘Vaigai’ is the story of two youngsters madly in love, who embark on a journey to get united. We have filmed this movie entirely in Tirumangalam (Madurai) which also happens to be a place where this real incident took place.”

    Interestingly Sundarapandi’s source of inspiration was a lady and it is said to be that she makes an appearance at the end of the movie. He added, “About 2000 people, who were also a part of this real life incident, will make an appearance in the climax.”

    The movie casts fresh faces Bala who was the winner of dance show “Manaada Mayilada” is the hero and Vishaka is his lady love. It seems even the songs are the outcome of inspiration from Illayaraja’s melodies. The music is by the popular duo Sabesh–Murali.
    Vaigai’ has been making good sensation with the songs being aired continuously and now the film is set to hit the screens by this weekend. Recently, Choreographer Kala while judging the show of ‘Maanada Mayilaada’ stated about Bala’s extraordinary performance in ‘Vaigai’. On the occasion, she said, ‘Recently, I happened to watch this film and was enthralled with Bala’s decent performance. he hadn’t overreacted at any point of times. On the dot, it would be a great film in his career….’

    The film based on real life incident is directed by Sundarapandi with Debutant Bala on the lead role.

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