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    Kalyanaraman starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist. This is the first Tamil movie where the concept of Sequel is used.

    Actors : Kamal Hassan, Radha
    Director : Muthuraman SP
    Music Director : Ilayaraja
    Producer : Guhan M, Saravan M




    Japanil kalyanaram to be uploaded later...

    Kalyanaram(Kamal Haasan), a rich simpleton was murdered for his money and his brother, also played by Kamal Haasan, avenges his death. His brother also marries the girl on who Kalyanaraman had a crush on(Sridevi).

    By the begin of "Japanil Kalyanaraman", Sridevi had died after giving birth to a son. The boy is 5 years old and wants his dad to remarry. So does Kalayanaraman's spirit. The movie is a comedy where they both try to convince Kamal to marry Radha.

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