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    Directed by Priyadarshan, starring Shaam, Trisha and Madhavan. This film was produced by Vikram Singh and music was composed by Harris Jeyaraj. This movie was a musical hit, with some young and attractive music by Harris Jeyaraj.

    Written by Priyadarshan,Sibi Malayil

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    The story is all set in a hill station (Ooty) where a rich man comes with his five grand daughters (four of them are Mumbai models) for vacation. The fifth girl (Trisha) is very smart, and she is the favourite of the grandfather. But she has some secret, which nobody knows. The girls meet two guys, one of them their own cousin who are their neighbours and they all play pranks on them. One of them (Shaam) falls in love with Trisha, but she shocks him, by telling him that she has a husband (Madhavan) who is in jail. This forms the climax of the film.

    Box Office

    The film grossed $2 million at the box office.

    Leysa Leysa is a remake of the Malayalam movie Summer In Bethlahem starring Suresh Gopi, Manju Warrier and Jayaramin the roles of Shaam, Trisha and Vivek respectively.

    The reversal of roles by Shaam and Vivek is similar to that between M. G. Ramachandran and Nagesh in Anbe Vaa.

    Madhavan's flashback is remade from Malayalam movie Cheppu starring Mohanlal also cameo in Summer In Bethlahem.

    This movie was Trisha's first full fledged heroine role.

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