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    Roja Kootam (2002) directed by Sasi. The romantic film stars Srikanth and Bhumika Chawla as the lead pair. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Bhardwaj.

    by Sasi
    Produced by Oscar Films
    Starring Srikanth
    Bhumika Chawla
    Jai Akash
    Vijay Adhiraj
    Music by Bharadwaj
    Release date(s) 2002

    This was director Sasi's second film. This was Bhumika's second Tamil film after Badri, in which she co-starred with Vijay. This was Srikanth's first film.


    Srikanth and Sriram are best friends. Srikanth is the only son of Radhika and Raghuvaran who is interested in anything but his academics. He falls in love with Bhumika who also eventually happens to reside opposite their house with her loud-mouthed sub-inspector Mom, Rekha. With the responsibilities of a brother to get his sisters married Sriram leaves for Libya on a job received through Srikanth's parents. Before he leaves, he tells Srikanth that Bhoomika and himself are in love and asks Srikanth to look after his lover until he is back. Srikanth swallows his love secret for the sake of friendship. Meanwhile Rekha arranges for Bhumika to get married to Vijay Adhiraj for his wealth. At this juncture Bhumika and Srikanth lie that they are already married. They both leave their parents and Srikanth starts earning to support Bhumika. Finishing his job assignment Sriram returns only to give yet another family responsibility as an excuse. He apologizes for not being able to marry Bhumika as he is a tight corner to marry somebody else for the sake of his sister's marriage.

    RojaKootam movie, RojaKootam tamil movie, RojaKootam movie online, RojaKootam tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, RojaKootam tamil movie DVD, RojaKootam high quality movie online, free

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