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    2007 Tamil musical and romantic film. Directed and co-written by Jeeva and produced by Oscar Ravichandran its stars Vinay Rai, Sadha and Tanisha Mukherjee in the lead roles. Raju Sundaram and Lekha Washington, prominent actors from the south Indian film industry, played the roles of the lead character's friends in the movie.

    The film revolves around the aftermath of a relationship between a careless man and a serious woman. Despite being in a relationship, the latter walks out on the former due to his antics with other women. However, the man changes his ways and on a business trip to Melbourne, he encounters another woman. This other woman turns out to be the personal assistant of the man's former lover. The events that follow and who the man eventually gets together with form the crux of the story.

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    The film opened to Indian audiences after several delays, on 14 April 2007, coinciding with the Tamil New Year. Despite receiving mixed reviews on the actors' performances, the film went on to win the box office battle on Tamil New Year's Day and become a major hit at the South Indian box office.Owing to its success, it was later dubbed into the Telugu language as Neevalle Neevalle. Furthermore, the film is also set to be remade into Hindi, with both Sadha and Tanisha Mukherjee reprising their roles. Unnale Unnale was the last film that director Jeeva completed before his death

    Critical acclaim and controversies
    Despite its relative commercial success, the film received mixed reviews on the storyline and the performances of the actors themselves. Rediff.com praised Sadha but describe Tanisha Mukherjee's and Vinay Rai's performances as mediocre,[24] while the reviewers at SearchIndia.com contradict the statement, praising Tanisha and criticizing the other pair. The film made business for Vinay, who signed up to many films after the project.

    The film had its own share of controversies. In a separate incident, the director was criticized for lifting scenes from other films. Copied scenes included ones from the Hollywood flick, The Wedding Planner, when Jennifer Lopez (Tanisha) gets her heel stuck in guttering. The idea of 'Day 1, Day 2' in the film, was taken from Kal Ho Na Ho, a Bollywood picture while a scene from Dil Chahta Hai is also evident

    It was released worldwide alongside Mayakannadi, Madurai Veeran and Arputha Theevu on Tamil New Year's Day, 14 April 2007. Owing to the success of the film, the number of reels grew to about hundred, it was estimated that the film garnered about Rs. 5 crores (50 million) in India. The film completed 100 days of screening in the theaters in the state of Tamil Nadu. In local parlance, this is considered to be one of the measures for a film's success. The reception in Malaysia was equally successful and was released in six major metropolises for up to 9 weeks, the film collected 114,883 (then approximately Rs. 5 million) within its 50 day run

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