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    Having made an everlasting impression in the publishing industry, Vikatan is getting ready to revolutionize the film industry. Two of Kollywood’s best romantic movies on the anvil now belong to Vikadan – Siva Manasula Sakthi (Jiiva and Anuya) and Valmiki (Akhil and Meera Nandan).

    Valmiki has caught the attention of the media and public alike for two reasons: first, its title and second, its beautiful screenplay. Pivoting around the protagonist (played by Akhil of Kalloori fame), the film show how he finds his identity, with a beautiful love story running in parallel. Boldly preferring to stay away from the time-tested formulae of Kollywood, the filmmakers have given a down-to-earth love story, which should sit well with today’s audience.

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    The way the story lured Meera Nandan testifies this fact. In an interview, the beautiful actress who acted in Mulla (Malayalam), said that the film’s great screenplay made her accept the role. The bold and beautiful actress added she will only accept films like Valmiki or Mulla and would happily wait for such scripts to come her way!

    Akhil of Kalloori fame, who plays the male lead of Valmiki, is quite confident this movie will prove to be a turning point in his life. Valmiki is directed by G. Anantha Narayanan, a debutant with the confidence of an experienced director. Question him why he named his film Valmiki, and pat comes the reply, “I liked the name very much. It sounds different and good. And there is a similarity between the sage and our hero. Valmiki, an erstwhile bandit, enriched the society by giving Ramayana and our protagonist too contributes to society in his own way.”

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