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    Poo movie

    Poo released in November 2008. It stars Srikanth and Parvathi Menon in the lead roles.

    Directed by Sasi
    Produced by Moser Baer

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    The story is set in a village somewhere between Rajapalayam and Sivakasi in south Tamil Nadu. It is all about the selfless deep love and admiration that Mari (Parvathy) develops for her cousin Thangarasu (Srikanth) from childhood. Mari is a bold village girl whose world revolves around her beloved Thangarasu. While in school, she does not hesitate to tell her teacher who questions all kids on what their ambition in life is, and that for her, it is to "become the wife of Thangarasu"!

    Her best friend and conscience keeper is Cheeni (Inbanila), a practical girl who works with her at the fireworks factory. She urges Mari to express her love for Thangarasu who is now an Engineer, thanks to the hard work of his father Penakaran (Ramu), a bullock cart driver. The trouble with Mari and her dilemma is that she is obsessed by her cousin and goes great lengths to get across to him but is unable to express her deep love for him. Her inability to open her heart out at the same time hopelessly in love with him leads inevitably to an emotional turbulence!

    Best Film award by Makkal TV.
    Best Actress (Parvathi), Best Supporting Actor (Ramu), Best Story (Tamizhchelvan), and Best Producer (Moser Baer) from Vikatan.
    Best Film (Moser Baer) and Best Music Director (S. S. Kumaran) from Jaya TV.
    Best Film (Moser Baer) at the Kalaignar TV Popular Awards.
    Best New Comer Female (Parvathi) at the Vijay TV Awards

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