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    Tirupathi is a 2006 Tamil film directed by Perarasu. The movie stars Ajith and Sadha in the lead roles. In this film the Ajith plays the role of a sound service man.
    Directed by Perarasu
    Produced by AVM Productions
    M. Saravanan
    M.S. Guhan
    Written by Rumi Jaffery
    Starring Ajith Kumar
    Laila Mehdin
    Riyaz Khan
    M. S. Baskar
    Harish Raghavendra
    Music by Bharadwaj
    Editing by Anthony
    Release date(s) April 14, 2006
    Running time 158 minutes

    Tirupathi movie, Tirupathi tamil movie, Tirupathi movie online, Tirupathi tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Tirupathi tamil movie DVD, Tirupathi high quality movie online,Thirupathi movie online free


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