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    Cast Pasupathy, Ajmal Ameer, Meenakshi, Simran
    Banner G.V.Films Ltd
    Director A.Lakshmikanthan
    Music Director Vijay Antony
    Cinematography R.B.Gurudev
    Editor G.Sasikumar

    The movie landscape is a lively platform filled with an unending influx of ideas, plots and narratives; the key personalities engaged in the business of cinema constantly make efforts to package and present their products in a never-seen-before manner. TN 07 AL 4777 too is a similar attempt; a remake of the Hindi flick Taxi No 9211, the movie is a unique offering strengthened by a novel form of narrative and characters.

    The theme of TN 07 AL 4777 deals with the startling incidents in the lives of two young men. One (Pasupathy) is a taxi driver whose ambitions are very optimistic. This poor man longs for an opportunity to get rich, preferably quick. Not knowing a straightforward way to acquire riches, he uses all crafty ways, making use of every small opportunity that comes his way, trying to become rich and powerful. Always suspended in a state of unrealistic day-dreaming, this ambitious taxi driver remains determined and focussed and never gives up his efforts to hit the jackpot. Pasupathy meets Ajmal Ameer when young Ajmal is caught in a tangle of problems. Sole heir of a rich man, he is on a frantic search to retrieve his father's will from one of his father's friends.

    Ajmal boards Pasupathy's taxi on his way to the destination and urges Pasupathy to speed up. The curious driver somehow makes a wise guess; he understands that his passenger might need some external help. Trying to grab this golden opportunity, he hides his true identity and introduces himself as an insurance agent. Ajmal believes him and shares his woes with Pasupathy. Though strangers to one another till that moment, the sharing bring about a strange closeness between the two young men and alters their lives. What happens? Does Pasupathy strike gold through the encounter? Does Ajmal acquire his rich inheritance and offer Pasupathy part of it? Do they handle the opportunity well?

    Those who have already watched the Hindi original Taxi No.9211 will definitely find a lot of additions and changes in the Tamil remake. So don't miss the movie on the big screen. The title chosen for the movie suits the theme and is none other than the late CM MGR's car number.

    For Pasupathy, product of the popular theatre group Koothupattarai, his character in each film is different and impressive. Be it Virumaandi, Veyyil or Kuselan, the dark actor proves he is a dark horse, performing as the new-age villain as well as hero commendably well. Ajmal Ameer did commendably in his debut Anjaathey; TN 07 AL 4777 gives him yet another opportunity to display his talent. Meenakshi of Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar fame pairs up with Ajmal and Simran pairs up with Pasupathi.

    Music is by Vijay Anthony. The Tamil version is written and directed by A. Lakshmikanthan. R.B. Gurudhev handles the camera and G. Sasikumar takes care of editing. TN 07 AL 4777 is produced by G.V. Films Ltd.

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