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    Star Cast
    Bala Singh, Siddharth, Madhavi Sharma, Revathi, Sri Lakshmi

    The story could not have been simpler. Working combine Arun (Siddharth) as well as Chitra (Madhavi Sharma), caught in the predicament of the gung ho world, have no time for their only child Divya Bharathi (Sri Lakshmi). A loner, Divya finds love as well as affection in abundance from her grandfather (Bala Singh), who had been isolated by Arun. Things attain a pass when Arun is shell-shocked in the lead Divya's negative response to come back from the rural community. A heated disagreement between Divya as well as her father culminates in the sudden decision of Divya to fight for justice.

    Newcomers Siddarth as well as Madhavi Sharma are one and the same to the task of management the easier said than done role of the parents. The two have performed well, contented to play second fiddle to the hero child artiste. Sri Lakshmi has essayed her part well, not departure overboard with her emotions, with self-possession as her catchphrase. With an outstanding likeness to performer Swarnamalya, Madhavi is at ease in frontage of the camera.

    Revathi's cameo in the climactic stage is a deserving of praise effort. The experienced person is at dwelling in a tailor-made circumstance as the judge, substantiating her points with a comprehensive elucidation. The comedy track by the trimming artistes is an ugly thing as well as an unnecessary do exercises.


    Cast: Karthik, Revathi, Sarath Kumar, Saya Devi
    Direction: Azhagappan C
    Production: Azhagappan C
    Music: Rehan



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