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    directed by Vikraman. The film stars Bharath and Genelia. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Joshua Sridhar. The film released on December 8, 2006.

    Directed by Vikraman
    Produced by V.Dhanu
    Written by Vikraman
    Starring Bharath
    Music by Joshua Sridhar
    Release date(s) December 2006

    Gautham (Bharath) a college drop-out and a good-for-nothing guy (like his father always says) falls in love with Narmada (Genelia) daughter of a local don Sakthivel (Radha Ravi). She lives in a hostel after learning that her dad is a criminal who now wants her to marry his partner Sardar’s (Barhmaji) brother. So the lovers elope to Mumbai and soon they are tracked and separated. Finally Gautham along with his friends fight against all odds to win back his girl.

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