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    Uzhaippali (1993) is a love-comedy Tamil language movie directed by the Tamil Director P. Vasu. It stars Rajinikanth and Radha Ravi in the lead roles.

    Produced by B. Venkatrama Reddy
    Radha Ravi

    Music by Ilayaraja

    Punch Dialogue
    Tamil: Nethu naan coolie.. enniku naan nadigan.. naalaikku... Silaber solranga naan eppadi varuven appadi varuven.. naan eppadi varuvennu andavanukkum mattum thaan theriyum..

    English: Yesterday I was a coolie, today I'm an actor, tomorrow...people may say what they want. But how I'll become, only god knows

    Box Office
    The film grossed $4 million at the box office.

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