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    Dasavathaaram is a 2008 Tamil language Indian feature film directed by K. S. Ravikumar, who features alongside actor Kamal Haasan for the fourth time. In the film, Haasan appears in ten different roles. Asin Thottumkal appears in a dual role and Mallika Sherawat plays a subsidiary role in the film. Dasavathaaram, which had been under production since mid-2005, was produced and primarily distributed by Venu Ravichandran, who made the film with a budget of 60 crore.[2] The soundtrack to the film is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, whilst Devi Sri Prasad composed the background score. Cinematoraphy and editing were conducted by Ravi Varman and Ashmith Kunder respectively, while Michael Westmore was the chief make-up artiste for the film.

    Upon release, Dasavathaaram gained positive reviews at the box-office, but the majority reviewers claimed the film failed to live up to its expectations. However, Rediff.com praised the film as "spectacular" and a "super human effort" on the way to giving it a very high rating of 4 out 5 stars. The reviewer claims its "very difficult to single out the best sequence of the film, yet the tsunami episode is perhaps the outstanding presentation mainly because of the top class visuals backed by a superb background effort", in praise of the much hyped Tsunami scene.The review adds that "it is not necessary to say how great an actor Kamal Haasan is but one thing has to be said; no other actor would have dared to take on these varied roles", praising his performances. Asin Thottumkal was described as having the second best role of her career, only second to Ghajini, whilst K. S. Ravikumar was "complimented for his handling of such a complicated but challenging subject". It adds that the film will "go down in the history of Indian cinema as a unique experiment in the commercial circuit".The only negative factor in the film is described as Himesh Reshammiya whose music fail him but praise was addressed to Devi Sri Prasad, the background music composer who was labelled "excellent", as was the camera work by Ravi Varman.

    In comparison, the film was labelled "average" by Sify.com, who admit Dasavathaaram falls short of the huge expectation and hype it had generated. Sify blames that the "trouble with the format is that far too many characters of the actor criss-cross without any reason—or they don’t make any difference to the story". Claiming characters such as the "Punjabi pop singer Avatar Singh, the tall Khalifullah Khan, the Japanese martial arts expert, etc., are unnecessarily stitched together to make it a perfect 10". It also criticizes the make-up, lamenting that "Kamal’s prosthetic makeup, especially as George Bush, Fletcher and Khan, is a bit of a dampener" but praise Brian Jennings's special effects, mainly of the climax Tsunami scene, are top class by Indian standards. As Rediff mentioned, Sify criticizes Himesh Reshammiya’s music as "nothing much to talk about other than Kallai Mattum but Devi Sri Prasad’s background score is superb and makes up for everything". Sify praises cinematographer Ravi Varman, who they claim "may take a bow, as his camerawork is glossy and superb". The actors performances' were all praised especially Kamal Hassan, who "pitches in yet another fantastic performance" with special praise for the Balaram Naidu character. Asin Thottumkal is described as "cute as the chirpy Andal, but beyond a point her character irritates you with her frequent Perumale.. calls", her dubbing effort is praised as "top class and deserves special mention". Other actors are also appreciated, with Mallika Sherawat in a brief role "sizzles", whilst M. S. Baskar and Napolean in small roles "shines".

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