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  • Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar movie, Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar tamil movie, Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar movie online, Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar tamil movie DVD, Asterix-et-Obelix-contre-Cesar high quality movie online, free

    is a Franco-Italo-German cult film, created by Claude Zidi, and released by 1999. The sequel, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, was filmed in 2002. At the time of its realise it was the most expensive production in French Cinema of all time, making it the most expensive production in France for the 20th Century. It was only removed from the "Podium" by its Sequel.

    The film combines elements of the plots of several mostly early Asterix stories, most from Asterix the Gaul (Getafix's abduction), Asterix and the Soothsayer, Asterix and the Goths (the Druid conference), Asterix the Legionary (Obelix becoming smitten with Panacea) and Asterix the Gladiator (the characters fighting in the circus). Jokes and references from many other albums abound, including a humorous exchange between Caesar and Brutus taken from Asterix and Cleopatra.

    Watch Asterix and Obelix movie online in Tamil

    Directed by Claude Zidi
    Produced by Claude Berri
    Written by René Goscinny, Gérard Lauzier
    Starring Christian Clavier, Gérard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni, Laetitia Casta
    Music by Jean-Jacques Goldman, Roland Romanelli (ex-Space)
    Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts
    Editing by Hervé de Luze
    Nicole Saunier
    Release date(s) 3 February 1999
    Country France/Italy/Germany
    Language French
    Budget $312 million French Francs (about $50 million USD, in 1999)

    Golden Screen (1999)
    Bogey Award in Silver (1999)
    Bavarian Film Award (2000)

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