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    Watch Arasiyal movie online
    Movie:Arasiyal-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
    Cast:Mammootty, ROja,Mansoor Ali Khan
    Release Year:1997


    The story is about a honest CBI Officer Chandrashekar ( Mammooty), who refuses to kowtow politicians and gets muddled by the politicians when he attempts to enter their territory of criminal dealings. Mansoor Ali Khan as the usual abrasive villain and the Chief Minister's henchman.The rest of the story with the hero going berserk in the climax, and brutally killing all the politicians and baddies.

    Arasiyal Part 1

    Arasiyal Part 2

    Arasiyal Part 3

    Arasiyal Part 4

    Arasiyal Part 5

    Arasiyal Part 6

    Arasiyal Part 7

    Arasiyal Part 8

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