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    Watch Moovendar movie online

    A stupid, adithadi-cum-comedy film from Sarat in the same mould but not as funny as Janakiraman.

    People from three successive generations of a family are Moovendar(s). They are so short tempered that they slash whoever comes across them, thus leaving all the male folks in the village with a scar or two (for the more privileged!!) on their face. Incidentally, the name of the village they live in is 'Thazumbur'. They are all good at heart though. Sarat Kumar, the youngest of the trio, fancies Devayani (a brahmin's daughter) and forcefully ties the knot with her. Without hesitation, she accepts that as her fate and agrees to live with the hero (after Sarat's mom Lakshmi pacifies her) to change his life. On failure to do so, she leaves him to go back to her father (Jaya Ganesh). Rest of the film is how Sarath convinces her to come back to him, more or less, in the same style as Thooral Ninnu pOchu. The ending is a take off from Mouna Geethangal.

    Devayani & Saratkumar in Moovendhar

    Sarath was as usual - so wooden just like Devayani. She needs to change many things about her (such as the look, acting ...) to claim herself a character oriented heroine (like Revathi). Nambiar (Sarat's Grandpa) and Lakshmi are the saving graces of the film. The old man still has the charm and presence. Ramadas as Sarat's father does far better than the hero himself. Manivannan, as the 'Velunayakan' of Devayani's Agrahaaram, keeps the film watchable in the second half. Funny too.

    Sirpi's music is very repetetive. Songs remind you of those in Janakiraman.

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