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  • Mundhanai Mudichu movie online, Mundhanai Mudichu tamil movie online, tamil movie online, online tamil movie, tamil movies, Mundhanai Mudichu tamil movie DVD

    Director : K. Bhagyaraja
    Cast : Thavakalai, Urvashi

    The producer A.V.M. Saravanan confessed that Bhagyaraj's 2 hour story narration to him was the best ever he heard from any director.

    It's hard to believe this being Urvasi's debut film. She effortlessly dons the role of a notorious girl and changes gear to a sensitive wife quite brilliantly.

    The film ended up with a celebrated 25-week run in theatres and turned out to be one of Bhagyaraj's biggest hits in his career. With its perfect blend of humour and melodrama, and supported by good performances this is a must see if you're in mood for a good laugh.

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