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    Watch Vallavan movie online

    Vallavan is a 2006  film written and directed by T. R. Silambarasan, starring himself in the title role along with the female artists Nayantara, Reema Sen and Sandhya in lead roles, whilst Santhanam, Premji Amaren, Sathyan and S. Ve. Shekhar play supporting roles, providing comical relief. The dialogues are written by noted writer Balakumaran, whilst the film's score and soundtrack are composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film, loosely based on the Hollywood films The Notebook (2004) and Swimfan (2002), was released on October 21, 2006 during Deepavali 2006

    The Film is considered a box office hit, running for more than 100 days in theatres. The film was later dubbed into Telugu as well and released as Vallabha.


    Reema Sen has recently criticized Silambarasan for favouring Nayantara during film shootings. She has also revealed that the project Vallavan had stopped her from signing other projects. It was during the shooting of this film that Nayantara and Simbu got engaged to each other and they even went as far as doing a lip - lock scene in the movie. However, a few months after the release of this movie, Nayantara dumped Simbu and the wedding got cancelled. Furious, it is said that Simbu began to follow her wherever she went and even followed her to her hotel room. It was at this point that she had had enough and asked the hotel security guards to throw out Simbu from the hotel. Simbu later made a statement saying that he was going to do a film based on their love life.

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