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    Watch Naan Avan Illai 2 movie

    Production: Nemikchand Jhabak, Hitesh Jhabak

    Direction: Selvah

    Star-casts: Jeevan, Sangeetha, Lakshmi Rai, Hema Malini, Swetha Menon, Rakshana and others

    Music: D. Imman

    Watch Nan Avan Illai 2 movie online

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    Filmmaker Selvahs remake of Naan Avanillai proved to be a black horse at box office and after now hes proving of his adeptness again with its sequel. Nearly couple of years, The Master of Deception is back in business with his tritely conniving styles. Jeevan plays the same role of a conman transfixing the filthy rich girls (Lakshmi Rai, Hema Malini, Swetha Menon and Rakshana), whose dreams are barely about money, diamonds and an obedient servant-like-husbands.

    Although, the entire film has the hackneyed narration of Jeeva repeating the same fraudulent acts again and again, Selvah makes sure that audiences dont feel bored about it. Much similar to the prequel, weve Jeevan reasserting Naan Avanillai (I am not that person) and naturally, it adds to the interesting quotients in this film.

    Sangeetha gears on for an exceptional role sans glamour while rest of the actresses seem to have crossed their limits of glam-quotients. Especially Hema Malini turns to be topped on these charts as she does nothing other than skin shows. On the pars, Rakshana and Swetha Menon strive to get their skins exposed to extreme. But its really puzzling on whos actually designing costumes for Lakshmi Rai.

    Technically, the film hasnt got anything special to mention about. It looks like music director Imman had just scored the music without any interests. Or maybe, Selvah requested him not to strain too much for best tunes.

    Though Jeevans scheming acts are quite enjoyable, they lack logicalities. The best part to be appreciated is Selvahs sleek screenplay and his ability to present an entertaining film with a short duration of just 105mins.

    Finally, if youve planned to watch this Naan Avanillai-2, just go ahead, sit back and relax. But please drop your reasoning factors aside and dont question certain illogical attributes prevalent in the screenplay

    5 Responses to Watch Naan Avan Illai 2 Movie Online

    1. all movies are super and play type plz change . because time waste. if part1 plying time at the same time part2 also buffering then only continously see all oarts in quickely.

    2. Anonymous Says:
    3. playing damn slow

    4. Vijay Says:
    5. Hello Ramu and Guest, pls chk here.  http://tamil-theater.blogspot.com/2009/11/watch-online-naan-avan-illai-2-tamil.html

      The videos are not zapped into a playlist.. so you can buffer individual videos and watch ..


    6. piranavan Says:
    7. pretty low quality but im ok with it, thanks

    8. ajith Says:
    9. Very slow....


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