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    Year : 2009
    Cast : Prithvi rajan,Karthika,Pallavi,Muthukalai

    Director : Gemini raghava

    Music Director : Srikanth Deva

    Vaidehi is lower middle class young girl who is married to Business tycoon Aryan Jaisingh,she thinks its all bed of roses till she discovers she is caught in a mess,her husband is already married once,has a daughter and confesses to her that he is impotent .

    The plot gets murkier when he says he married her only due to social pressure and she cannot leave his home and live there till she dies ,in this mess.Aryan’s brother Yash also keeps a “dumb” wife at home and cheats girls outside his home.Their father played by Kiran Kumar is in the center of all this mess dominating everybody from his frustrated wife played by Aruna Irani to showing fake death of one of his daughter-in -laws.Outside in society,they are a rich family showing’everything is fine”.What remains to be seen is what action or take Vaidehi takes now..

    Amidst so many imaginary stupid serials,Vaidehi is a real life serial,there are hundreds and hundreds of homes everywhere in India where young girls are married off to so called ’bed of roses” and when they discover what a mess in which they have landed,its too late,there are few fortunate ones whose families support them and take them away safely,but there are endless cases everyday aired on national TV showing either suicides or murders.

    Aruna Irani,director and producer of this serial ,has been known for her own beauty and acting in her heydays(Incidentally she was the first heroine paired opposite Mr.Amitabh Bachchan in BOMBAY TO GOA),she is now known for making different serials in some way,she always takes up a different protagonist everytime to reflect different problems in society.As usual,she has taken up a new subject and very relevant.She must be congratulated for this.

    Sachin Sharma ,lead male protagonist of this serial,playing Aryan Jaisingh gives intense performances.He was earlier a newsreader in Zee TV,but quit to try his hand at acting.Its good because he was wasting his talent in newsreading.

    Sets and dress designing of this serial are just great,but its the subject that appeals very much.

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