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    Anniyan movie online
    Anniyan(2005) psychological thriller directed by S. Shankar. Dubbed into Hindi as Aparichit, Telugu as Aparichithudu and French, it was a huge blockbuster film in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The film was produced by Oscar V. Ravichandran and distributed in India by Aascar Films. It was released in France by Columbia TriStar Pictures.

    The movie stars the actors Vikram, Prakash Raj, Sadha, and Vivek. The score and soundtrack, composed by Harris Jayaraj, was released on 27 April 2005. The motion picture took over two years to complete, from 2003 to 2005. The film was the most expensive Tamil feature film made of the year costing nearly $6 million.

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    Box Office
    Produced on a budget of $6 million, the most expensive then, the film was a commercial success grossing $20 million at the box office marking a new career peak for Vikram at the age of 39.It was funded by IDBI to the tune of $2 million and insured for $7 million to mitigate risk of failure. The producer was the sole distributor of the film. He recovered $3 million in advance from exhibitors as Minimum Guarantee before the completion of the project. By cutting off the middlemen thus, the profitability of the project was secured.

    The film released with 110 prints in Andhra Pradesh and in 35 cinema halls across Kerala.The film was simultaneously released in Tamil and Telugu (as Aparachithudu). It was later dubbed into Hindi as Aparachit - The Stranger which made $500,000.

    The film grossed $600,000 in Kerala, $6 million in Tamil Nadu and $4 million in Andhra Pradesh.

    Vikram was paid a career high salary of $2 million for this project despite his previous failure Arul.

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