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    Baasha is a Tamil movie starring Rajinikanth, with Nagma and Raghuvaran. It was directed by Suresh Krishna, and features music by Deva. Released in 1995, it was Rajinikanth's most commercially successful film with Suresh Krishna, with whom Rajinikanth had previously filmed the hits Annamalai and Veera, and was his biggest hit up until Padayappa. The music from Baashha, especially the song Naan Autokaaran, remains popular even today.

    Directed by Suresh Krishna
    Starring Rajinikanth
    Music by Deva
    Distributed by Sathya Movies

    Rajinikanth won both a Filmfans Association Award and a Cinema Express Award for the Best Actor for his performance in this movie.

    Watch Baasha Movie online

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    Baasha is very loosely based on the Hindi Amitabh Bachchan starring, Hum, which also co-starred Rajinikanth. Though the film is very loosely inspired, there are no similar scenes in both the films.

    After Basha became a superhit, Rajinikanth became very influential -- and commanded more loyalty than the then-current CM of Tamil Nadu state. He had a clash with that state's Chief Minister while he was going for shooting, when the road was blocked for the CM's passage. Rajinikanth himself reportedly came out of his own car and stood on the road, and a crowd gathered around him. As a result, it took almost three hours for the CM to cross the road.

    Box Office
    The film collected $10 million at the box office.

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