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    Thambi is Tamil film released in 2006. The Madhavan, Pooja starrer is directed by Seeman. It carries the message that violence doesn't pay, and is not the answer to the problems of today.

    Directed by Seeman
    Produced by Dr.Murali Manohar
    Written by Seeman
    Starring Madhavan,
    Biju Menon,
    Music by Vidyasagar

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    Angry young man Thambi Velu Thondaiman (Madhavan) fights against all types of evils in the society. So, he runs into Sankara Pandian (Biju Menon), a local rowdy who brings violence into the city. Thambi is determined to vanquish Sankara Pandian's activities in the society and his fearless attitude brings fear into the face of Sanakara Pandian's gang. Meanwhile, he comes across a pretty girl named Archana (Pooja). She originally mistakes him to be a gangster, as she has seen him fighting with the rowdies. But she falls in love with him later after realizing his true nature.

    Thambi thwarts Sankara Pandian's terrorizing plans with the help of his close associates. At this very moment, a flashback unravels how Sankara Pandian's gang kills Thambi's family after Thambi identifies the killer of a youth. The murderer is Sanakara Pandian's brother Saravana Pandian (Shanmuga Rajeswaran).

    Shankara Pandian tries to bring about terror among the people for political reasons while Thambi tries to prevent the disaster. Later on, Thambi succeeds in changing Shankara Pandian's heart. However, Saravana Pandian is out to kill him, after coming out of the prison. The rest of the film has exciting encounters and the movie ends with a titillating climax, on a positive note for everyone.

    Box Office
    The film was a commercial success grossing $2 million at the box office.
    Asin Thottumkal started this project but then withdrew due to commitments in God Father with Ajith and K.S. Ravikumar

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