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  • Passenger,Watch Passenger Movie,Passenger Movie Online,Passenger Movie High Quality,Passenger Movie DVD Online,Passenger Movie Online Live, online malayalam movie, malayalam movies,Passenger HQ, free
    Passenger is a Malayalam film released in 2009. The film is directed by Ranjit Shankar. Passenger stars Dileep, Sreenivasan, Mamta Mohandas & Lakshmi Sharma.

    Passenger movie is based on two characters, who never had anything to do with one another, come into each other's lives and what all things happen consequently.

    Sathyanath (Sreenivasan ) who works in a private company, has some strange habits. He travels from his native town to Kochi (where he works) by train. The moment the train crosses a bridge he dozes off. And he wakes up at a particular point. All this happens with utmost precision, as if programmed by someone.

    Nandan Menon (Dileep) who is an advocate, always stands for truth and justice. He respects the law and always thinks of the welfare of the people around him.His wife Anuradha is a bold reporter who works for a Private News Channel.

    The plot takes a turn when Anuradha obtains a video clip of the Minister collaborating with Police and Corporates. They plan to kill innocent people occupying land with potential mineral resources. Nandan is kidnapped by gangsters working for the minister to lure Anuradha into returning the Video Files.

    By sheer coincidence, Satyanath gets involved.Unlike normal bystanders, he decides to join the couple in the fight for truth and justice

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