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  • Watch Singam Movie Online,Singam 2010 movie Online,Singam Surya Movie Online

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    31 Responses to Watch Singam Movie Online

    1. manikandan Says:

    3. scotish Says:
    4. hi

    5. Anonymous Says:
    6. super


    7. Anonymous Says:
    8. priya : singam the great movie ilike very much surya acting was amazing ther is no word about to say surya v..v..v..great hero&smart persson in tamil cinema. anoushka looking very beautiful

    9. Anonymous Says:
    10. Gloria .. Surya s 2nd movie in which he has acted as a cop.
      Interesting,different look,different style aswell.
      Good going Surya. All the best for your forth coming movies.

    11. Anonymous Says:
    12. Anonymous learn English. What I mean is learn people's names properly. Loser, bitch

    13. Anonymous Says:
    14. good surya same effect given in this film like kaka kaka.

    15. Anonymous Says:
    16. fantastic movie i liked it very much singam really singam only surya is amazing songs r mind blowing especially she stole my heart song

    17. Anonymous Says:
    18. nice movie

    19. Anonymous Says:
    20. surya acting is super

    21. Anonymous Says:
    22. can anyone like update the links to watch the movie or at least give me the link to see the moovie... please...

    23. NICE ONE

    24. Anonymous Says:
    25. good movie..in a long time

    26. David Mathi Says:
    27. Tamil Diaspora Community For Tamil In Ireland
      Welcome To Tamil Entertainment From Ireland

    28. Anonymous Says:
    29. is a good movi

    30. Anonymous Says:
    31. suryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. riyas Says:
    33. super and thriller

    34. Anonymous Says:
    35. dont forget my dears Ajith is there

    36. Anonymous Says:
    37. Vijay should learn attitube from Surya

    38. Thanks for Joining , I have set up this web-site page in order to build a decent Solidarity network of Tamils In Ireland to prevent the Ongoing Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, & Sri Lankan Current Diplomats Must Face up to War Crime Charges , all in one place. Now more than ever is the time for us to all band together.
      Funded by David Math

      Web Site Designed
      By Patrick David Mathi
      For Tamil Diaspora’s Community In Ireland

    39. Anonymous Says:
    40. I dont know what to comment about, however, if this comment can help in watching the film online, please lemme watch it! thanks

    41. csngraphics Says:
    42. Dear Sir,
      I Saw the Singam DVD. But this is now not working Please check the Link and update soon

    43. Anonymous Says:
    44. i lov u surya and karthi i know u r brothers how handsome u guys i wish i could get ur autograph but how can i

    45. sasi Says:
    46. googd

    47. Anonymous Says:
    48. its very super

    49. Anonymous Says:
    50. again masala film, he is not going to improve his acting. sutha sappa

    51. Anonymous Says:
    52. cool guy

    53. HI

    54. Anonymous Says:
    55. i thought it was great movie but i disagree with u that u stole my heart is a good songs,it not the best song in the movie

    56. Anonymous Says:
    57. hi]

    58. Anonymous Says:
    59. thanks


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