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    60 Responses to Watch Endhiran Movie Online

    1. famasi Says:
    2. superb nice movie excelent

    3. Anonymous Says:
    4. pls dont watch on net pls go to theater. the film is superb

    5. Unknown Says:

    7. Rifath Says:
    8. Thank who put in net this film

    9. rikaz Says:
    10. super hit film

    11. Unknown Says:
    12. ple go and watch in theater nice expriyance

    13. d Says:
    14. watching in theatres l b awesome.........
      v cant get dat n net,......

    15. Every one can see movie in the net. so whach in net , No need to go theater, Thank you very much who put this movie in to internet.

    16. Anonymous Says:
    17. Please guys go to theatre !

    18. Anonymous Says:
    19. pleaseee go to theatre is a gud film..

    20. Anonymous Says:
    21. Horrible movie

    22. Anonymous Says:
    23. Such a nice tamil movie like a hollywood movie watch it in teater you can get the movie superb quality based the clearence and sound superb ;)

    24. Anonymous Says:
    25. low budget padamna netla paarkalam but idhu somewhat high budget padam athanala theatrela paathingana superb ah irukkum

    26. Anonymous Says:
    27. rajini padam illa.shankar padam

    28. Anonymous Says:
    29. Awesome spl effects... good to watch in theater...

    30. Anonymous Says:
    31. super hit canna

    32. Anonymous Says:
    33. Such a nice tamil movie like a hollywood movie watch it in teater you can get the movie superb quality based the clearence and sound superb ;)low budget padamna netla paarkalam but idhu somewhat high budget padam athanala theatrela paathingana superb ah irukkum.athumattum illa naa kalyanam panni oru varudam kalithu muthal murai partha padam and very nice film,first time parkum poathu 1st show first movie nalla padam partha santhosem ippa yennaku irruku,very nice and ais tamil padam kalile intha padam tha supera pannirukku.

    34. Anonymous Says:
    35. duh...!

    36. Anonymous Says:
    37. second off like a cartoon network.

    38. Anonymous Says:
    39. pls watch the movie in theatre really superb

    40. Anonymous Says:
    41. ssuuupppppppppppeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr toooooooopppppppppp movie i watch the movie in theater is very goooood ar rahman aish and super star star , shankar & the boss kalanithi maran rocksssss

    42. Anonymous Says:
    43. No, all guys
      Enthiran movila enna erukkku cholllunka,this is comericial film, Rajinikanth a ethu mathiri padathula matttum than nadikka mudium< totaly grapics, ethula eanka rlajini nadichar, shanker sir film ithu. etavathu nalla social and useful padathula nadichirukkara. waste rajini, ethukkkumay use illlla, political and film. Just avar family matttum than avarukku mukkkiyam>..

      plz comments .... my name surya

    44. Anonymous Says:
    45. What an amazing Movie

    46. Anonymous Says:
    47. plz dnt watch it on line its crime thoo shame on u people who are rajinis fan

    48. Anonymous Says:
    49. we have net then why do we need to go theatre, we r paying money for internet so it is also like paying money...

    50. Anonymous Says:
    51. i appreciate to shankar

    52. Anonymous Says:
    53. rajni en waathade illae athanaal inthe padam thotru vittathu anthe robotai kadysiyil kaapatriirukanum diswanted panni irukke koodathu

    54. Unknown Says:
    55. hoi im kannan

    56. Anonymous Says:
    57. watch in theater its very nice to watch in theater:)

    58. Anonymous Says:
    59. waste movie i praying to god that this movie to be flop

    60. Anonymous Says:
    61. @ above comment...u keep praying and that will never happen..the filim is already supe dupe hit :P

    62. Anonymous Says:
    63. @anonymous last 2nd if u don't like the movie shut ur mouth..don't have to say that ur praying god it will become flop...if it has to it will.just cos ur praying god it wont become flop...

    64. Anonymous Says:
    65. not worth watchin in theatre.
      aishwarya looks good
      the effects are good for tamil movie
      nothing great

    66. H A R I Says:
    67. for the above comment..... please tell us that which movie is great..... we're intented to watch....

    68. Anonymous Says:

    70. Anonymous Says:
    71. @mr H A R I
      well if you r into hollywood-u got a stock pile of better movies
      and in tamil too there are better movies from past to now
      but without effects.yes effects have been good.
      but its another masala and may be to rajini die hard fans it wd be a treat.
      the movie was dragging,same songs masala and another pure commercial.
      it in no way special except for effects and the intro of sci-fi.
      its just my opinion and it could vary as everyone may think different and mine is without bias.

    72. Anonymous Says:
    73. Please tell Kalanithi Maran to collect right ticket price to all the theatre's ( goverment fixed) then only wiewr's go to the theatre. Too high ticket rate Rs 400/=.

    74. Anonymous Says:
    75. tiz movie is superb...
      i oso wan a robot..hahaha..
      tiz movie aishu luk superb howt...
      dun miz it!
      betta get ur tickets now........!!!
      have fun><
      enjoy tiz movie......................
      I WAN A ROBOT OSO..............hehehehe

    76. Anonymous Says:
    77. hi like the move

    78. Anonymous Says:
    79. good movie. Rai no exposing.

    80. Anonymous Says:
    81. hi dont say to any one top scret

    82. Anonymous Says:
    83. this movie is superbbbbbbbbbb. Dont say wrongly about this. i pray to god for this "THE ROBOT" getting top of the movies in the world. Rajni, shanker, rehman , aish and all are good.

      very good rajni.

    84. Anonymous Says:
    85. hei surya...........fuck u

    86. Anonymous Says:
    87. super muv

    88. Anonymous Says:
    89. Endhiran is pure entertainer...who ever wishes to be entertained or to have fun will definitly love this film...And i do.... i watched this movie in Theater...the second day after it got released.

      After all movie is something where you want to just have some fun...Any movie in that case.... In that case...every movie needs to be seen on theater to get the maximum fun....
      People who dont get time to go to theater try to catch up on net...
      All those guys who say this movie not good... nothing great bla bla bla....movies are meant to have fun... please jus take the fun part...and for God's sake dont make this blogs a mess..

      Say it any movie....you will definitely find something new...
      Always appreciate and encourage...when something is good...
      Criticize positively if you find something not up to mark...

      In Short... Enthiran is an experience...absolute fun

    90. very good ever film

    91. Anonymous Says:
    92. evan da source 2 (cd) ya remove pannadhu x-(

    93. Anonymous Says:
    94. D people who cant afford 2 watch d film n theater..wt ll dey do?If it s shankar?rajini film means wat?Dey ve 2 horns uh?Its each Individual Wish/Freedom 2 watch n net....Just Shut ur Door!Fools....

    95. Anonymous Says:
    96. watch in inter dont go theatre

    97. Anonymous Says:
    98. Rajini is sustaining in cinema with his style he doesn't knw acting.He cant stand infront of kamal's acting.He himself accepted this.padaiyappa got succeeded by ramya's character similarly chandramugi by jyothika.like this way this movie has gt succeeded because of sankar's direction.Rajini is waste bcos of his popularity only his movies are running.

    99. Unknown Says:
    100. superb print were u taken

    101. Anonymous Says:
    102. SHUT UP! ^ above comment...you can't talk shit...just because u hate him doesn't mean everyone else has to as well.. go and get a life and plus rajni didn't act in 3 films only!! he acted so many soo you can SHUT UP about how his films r running cos of his popularity...because think about it if people didn't think he can't act or if he is a waste why would people go and see him in the theartes...IDIOT!...so why don't u go and get a life! rather than commenting about rajni!

    103. Anonymous Says:
    104. dai ..you asshole..should have said the words in the theatre..that would be the last day in earth for you.. you stupid dont even have any rights to talk about superstar..so shut and gooo..padam superrrrrrrrrrrr..see it in theatre

    105. dinesh Says:
    106. the robot was awesome. i can`t belive that the robot can do anything.

    107. Anonymous Says:
    108. crazy movie plz go to the movies its better than sivaji the boss
      upgraded version 2.0

    109. Anonymous Says:
    110. ps who eva hated this movie should get a life for sure soon

    111. Anonymous Says:
    112. it is a awesome movie mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee

    113. Anonymous Says:
    114. PADAM ENGAI

    115. Anonymous Says:
    116. raghav says:

    117. Anonymous Says:
    118. stupidss i wanna kno in which site could v watch dis film :&&&


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